My name is Rita Armstrong and I live with my husband Bob in rural NSW.We have a farm and breed beef cattle and sheep.We are kept fairly busy but it is a wonderful lifestyle and very rewarding when each year there is the joy of seeing new born calves and lambs.
We have 4 grown up children,1 son and 3 daughters and they have given us 7 wonderful grandchildren.

I started craft at the tender age of 4 years when my mother taught me to knit and then embroidery as I got older.I still enjoy knitting but I would prefer to pick up a piece of embroidery or sit at the sewing machine to make a patchwork quilt,or create a cloth doll or maybe a quirky little bear

When we purchased our farm I saw the opportunity to open a small country store and run it from home.I have enjoyed meeting people when they visit the store and I will still keep the store going.So many people shop via the internet so decided to take a giant step and open my own website.

Sarah Jane was my mothers name,she passed away at the early age of 54 years.I have named my business in memory of a wonderful mother and friend.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us and please visit again.


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